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Welcome to The Crocheted Cupcake! Here you will find cake updates, recipes I've tried, along with some lovely crochet patterns and other crafts I've been working on.

Someone recently asked me to make them a pair of legwarmers. I immediately thought to myself, “AHH! I can only make scarves! Maybe hats on a good day!” But I took on the challenge and am pleased with the results. First of all, can I just say how much I LOVE this whole back-post double crochet? I recently talked about it in my baby hats post, but using it as a rim was just so much more amazing than I thought! That combined with the actual pattern for the bulk of the legwarmer created what I think is an amazing pattern. Who needs straight knitting when you can have diagonal crochet! These are a pretty taupe color of Bernat yarn.

You can find the really easy and fun pattern here!

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    These look great! At first glance, they look knitted. Can’t wait to try this myself :D Thanks for sharing!
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